Compound Exercises or Isolation Exercises – Which Gives Better Body?

Craving for toned muscles? But not sure, which is the best way to build muscles?

When you ask different people, you get different answers. While some rave about the benefits of combining multiple muscle groups at once, others ask you to isolate specific muscles and work on them.

Confused who’s right? Which should you do and why?

Trainers at one of the best fitness center in Jaipur ask you to start with a simple research. Get your basics right about the exercises you intend to do.

Classification of Weight Training Exercises

How are weight training exercises classified? A common way is how a specific exercise trains your body and what muscle groups are being used. Having said that, exercises are divided into two groups:

1. Compound Exercises
2. Isolation Exercises

Compound exercises require the combined effort of muscle groups and joints. For example, dips a popular compound exercise require the involvement of chest, triceps, and shoulders. Similarly, pull-ups need back and biceps, Dead lifts need Posterior Chain, much of the lower body and upper body and so on.

Isolation exercise targets one joint and one specific muscle group at one time. Here are a few isolation exercises with the muscle it trains. Chest during flat, incline or decline flyes, shoulders during lateral raises or front raises, biceps during biceps curls, triceps during triceps extensions and hamstrings during leg curls.

Advantages of Compound Exercises

• It takes care of overall muscle development and forms a better training base.
• You can work out more muscles in less time.
• You don’t need to spend more time in your gym and fitness center.
• As multiple muscle groups are involved, you can double the weight you’re lifting.
• It strengthens core muscles and helps you avoid spinal injuries.

Advantages of Isolation Exercises

• It targets special muscle groups in the body.
• This form of exercise is ideal for body parts that need special attention.
• It helps you gain mass and drive up the volume of the training sessions.

The Verdict

Compound Exercises or Isolation Exercises?

When you are planning a workout, it is important that you first establish your goals in mind. What is it that you intend to achieve? Is it function or aesthetics? Do you want or summer body or do you wish to want instead to increase strength and performance?

You need to understand your goals because both compound and isolation exercises perform in certain ways exclusive to each other. You will need to come up with a work out routines based on your fitness goal your body. Trainers at Fit O’ Clock, the best gym in Raja Park, Jaipur takes note of every detail and help you commit to the type of exercise ideal for your body and its needs.

So, if you are looking for building muscles or toning your arms or working on any specific areas of the body for that matter, isolation exercises is what you should consider. But, if your focus is on upper body muscles, compound exercises are your way to go.

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