Coronavirus – Scriptures on Developing Invincible Immunity and Optimum Mental Health

“It is the birth right of every human being to be healthy, happy and holy”.– Yogi Bhajan 1969.

This sentiment is echoed by many of the great sages of all generations including the illuminant scripture writers.

With this in mind — using some amazing scriptures — let us shed much-needed spiritual light onto the source of all health, happiness and holiness.

Let us first look at how the mind, body-physiology is created, and observe their roles in the production and maintenance of optimum health, peace and happiness, particularly immunity during this coronavirus time.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1–1

Practically speaking, esoterically, what does this scripture mean for each of us today.

Genesis 1-1 is not referring to creation of the outer physical universe, rather creation of an inner universe.

‘Heavens’ here is symbolism for the mind and its latent creative aspects, with ‘earth’ as symbolism for the body-physiology.

“in the beginning” means creation through the Primordial energy.


In the creation of the physical body what specific dynamic is at play?

So, when we say “God created”, this is referring to ‘God the Holy Spirit’ created — meaning the Kundalini life energy created.

In other words, Kundalini being the primordial eternal energy, is the universal life force which alone creates.

Therefore, from the egg-sperm seed-embryo perspective, Kundalini life force sets about creation of the entire mind-body structure.

Genesis is saying, God the Holy Spirit — Kundalini — the divine feminine energy known as Shakti — creates the mind and body from her divine elements which by now exist within this joyous embryo.

Genesis is laying emphasis on the creation of the human soul — and its potential for creative reproduction to include physical and mental health – and is NOT referring to creation of the outer physical universe in this instance.

On completion — when the vital organs have all been made — Kundalini goes asleep at the base of the spine for later reawakening through vibrational prompt. When this same kundalini energy re-emerges, returns to form yet another body — the ethereal body — for the purpose of forming and establishing eternal cosmic consciousness and conscious union with the Divine Eternal.

This ‘new’ spiritual body is formed when Kundalini rises to the brain, where it becomes One with the LORD – referred to by many as Shiva, or different titles – thus the mystical biblical marriage.

Scripture refers to this brain location:

“And on the seventh day God rested” Genesis: 2–2

Meaning, God the Father consciousness is realized by awakening the seventh chakra in the brain.

Blessed Trinity

The Blessed Trinity is:’God the Father’ — resting at the seventh chakra in the brain tabernacle, with Kundalini as ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – residing initially at the base of the spine — and the human soul when Self-realized is ‘God the Son’, on resurrection of consciousness via Kundalini awakening in the head.

Jesus refers to this resurrection process:

‘No one comes to the Father except through Me’ John: 14–6

Meaning, that, in order to get to ‘God the Father’ — thus becoming God the Son — we must each go through ‘God the Holy Spirit’ – Kundalini and spiritual awakening — there being no fancy short-cuts or favoritism.

Neutralizing Previous Conditioning

Due to non-integrated conditioning — karmic patterns from former lives — full Kundalini impact in our present life remains dormant until conscious integration of this lower nature conditioning is underway by means which will be outlined here later.

To help deal with this karmic carryover — of spiritual ignorance — scripture reminds us of spending 40 years in the wilderness or desert.

Here 40 years is not referring to 40 calendar years – 40 is symbolism for Unity {of mind, body spirit]. In other words, we each come to this earth plane for the purpose of living consciously through this previously incurred ignorance conditioning and commit to its integration.

We live ‘suffering’ until we’re ready for inner awakening, ready for living through the spiritual heart chakra – the New Jerusalem.

Thus it’s the Kundalini bliss – biblical Rapture — which neutralizes subconscious thought patterns, the negative mind-sets preventing direct awareness of our true divine nature – to include immune system invincibility.

Creation’s Protocols

As we awaken, deeper spiritual awareness begins to emerge. Such as — the physical body is actually the end product of the human nervous system, and the nervous system the end product of the mind, which mind is the end product of the original Creator, as in Genesis 1-1: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” – mind, body, soul.

Therefore, in order to neutralize and purify the negative karmic patterns, its necessary that we bring the nervous system and five senses back to the One which created THE MIND, which is God the Holy Spirit, the Primordial Kundalini energy.

To this end, at some point on our spiritual wilderness sojourn, events lead to profound insights, prompts on the need of making vital life-changing decision, such as, drawn to reading spiritual literature, esoteric scriptures, or hearing soul motivational content, or seeking to learn a mental discipline practice such as yoga or meditation. Such is how we return to Source for spiritual servicing, and karmic integration.

Regular meditation leads to reawakening our dormant Kundalini, which, on reaching the crown chakra in the brain, transmutes the ignorance-based wilderness mind into becoming our Garden of Paradise.

Scriptures Relating to Kundalini Re-Awakening

“Where I go you cannot go but I go to prepare a place for you” — John: 13-33, 14–3

Meaning “where I go (where pure consciousness resides) you (lower-ego karmic patterns) cannot go”.

“I will come back and take you to myself” John:14-3

meaning, reawakening of the dormant Kundalini thus leading to Self-realization in Unity consciousness..

‘You will look but you will not find me’ — John 13–33

God being Pure Consciousness, this state cannot be [seen] known through an impure heart, conditioned senses and polluted nervous system.

In other words, Pure Consciousness reveals Itself, through Itself, unto Itself — the Transcendent state.

Thus, transcendental bliss cannot be experienced through our born-into lower nature – hence, transcendence and purification through daily meditation.

Kundalini alone goes to ‘prepare a place’, transforms animalistic lower-ego patterns, making us compatible unto Pure consciousness.

To this end — of awakening unto the Transcendent – scripture reminds us:of the way..

“and God [the holy Spirit] said unto Moses [moral man/woman]: “Lift up Thy Rod”. Exodus: 14-16 KJV

How does one ‘Lift up Thy Rod’?

Reflect on Genesis 7-17, on the flood that lifted Noah’s Ark. This Ark is symbolism for the brain, the human mind which God flooded [with Kundalini bliss] and how this Ark-mind later came to rest atop of a mountain, symbolism for highest point of awareness or consciousness. The dove which Noah later sent out is symbolism for the peace and love experienced post inner awakening.

The ‘Rod’ symbolizes the spinal column — the faculty route of Noah’s Kundalini Flood — which houses five chakras below the brain and two chakras in mid-brain. Seven energy-emitting centers created by divine order as means of the soul’s Home returning unto God the Father — soul liberation unto Pure consciousness.

For Rod activation, enter between the eyebrows and commence faint Inner hearing of Omm or AUM. This activity sets up a vibration which triggers the kundalini, which then moves up the spinal column — the Rod is ‘lifting up’. This lifting awakens the other chakras along the spine, particularly the Thymus gland responsible for production of mature antibodies or T-cells for coronavirus immunity, culminating in awakening the pineal – the Third eye — and pituitary gland in the brain responsible for release of vital Growth Hormone for sustaining youth consciousness at any age.

“In My Father’s Kingdom Are Many Mansions – John 14-1

This scripture is drawing attention to the seven chakras specifically and their individual purpose in creation.

As each chakra awakens, deeper levels of spiritual depth are revealed and accessed unto our consciousness: profound intelligence, intuitive awareness and perceptive understanding, not previously known through the lower animalistic intellect, are come upon.

These ‘Revelations’ being cosmic nuggets of intelligence, re-calibrate the lower intellect and mind-body organism into directly knowing higher states of consciousness.

Why Do You Need Flu Vaccinations?

In recent times there has been a bit of a debate about whether or not there is a need for flu vaccinations and much of the discussion is emotive rather than factual.

Even very healthy people can get very sick from the flu and spread it too many other people. Influenza is a serious disease that millions of people get every season, thousands of people are hospitalized each year and hundreds of people die from flu related causes. Every season the flu virus is different and can affect people in different ways.

Influenza vaccines will cause antibodies to develop within a vaccinated person’s body about 2 weeks after they are vaccinated to give protection against infection.

Dr Michael Gannon the president of the AMA says that “It is no exaggeration to say that you’re potentially risking the like of yourself and your baby if you don’t get the vaccine” when asked about the need for vaccination among small children and pregnant women. Getting flu vaccinations every year is important as the most common strains of the influenza virus changes every year. Professor Raina MacIntyre from the University of New South Wales said that “the vaccine that you get this year won’t necessarily be a protection for you against the different virus that may be circulating next year.

The new enhanced vaccines are specifically made to target the strains of influenza that were prevalent in last year’s deadly flu outbreak. Having flu vaccinations is especially important for those who are at high risk of getting the flu.

Several state and territory governments are now offering free flu jabs for children between six months and five years old.

Most local GP’s have the new flu vaccines and the government immunization services are available through all community health clinics, school based immunization programs, Aboriginal Medical Services, some local pharmacies and work places.

Professor MacIntyre also said that “The best time to get your flu jab can be difficult to predict because the peak period of flu activity can vary year by year”. “Generally though the peak flu season is around July and August but it is variable, sometimes it can start in may and sometimes it does not start until September”. It has been suggested that research has shown that the effectiveness of the flu vaccinations may begin to wane after about three to four months. Professor MacIntyre said “It’s really a trade off between getting the ideal immunity early and not missing the peak activity time”.

The Department of Health the AMA and RACGP say that the best times for getting your flu vaccinations is about the end of April to the beginning of May. RACGP President Dr Basyian Seidel said “This should really cover the vast majority of people”.

The President of the AMA, Dr Michael Gannon agreed as added that “Healthy people should get vaccinated at the same time as those eligible for a free flu vaccination” he added that “There is no question that the optimal time to receive the influenza vaccination is in late April and early May”.